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Gilbert, Arizona

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My name is Kristina Toddy, 


• I love kids

• I am not afraid to act like a fool to get smiles ;)

• I am ridiculously in love with my husband

• I usually go to church online

• I am a mom of 2 "only childs"

• I LOVE red wine, never never white

• I have tried every single diet, almost (Currently Keto)

• I've been a photographer for 30 years a pro for 10

• I adore my King Charles Cavalier Spaniel

• Camping keeps me grounded

• I was bit by a rattlesnake and lived to tell about it

• I love to scuba dive (I'm a rescue diver)

• I think you might like me if you're still reading this

• We should definitely meet up and talk about YOU!


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