Happy National Dog Day

I just found out that today is #nationaldogday !!

SO today I honor our family pups!

Rio is going to be 8 years old this Thanksgiving-- which is pretty old for a boxer... She sits like a human, and looks into your eyes as if she sees into your soul. She watches TV and chews her feet incessantly- we think she is actually allergic to her own hair - that's a boxer for ya!

boxer dog

Rio is goofy and loyal. She feels like she is the pack leader most of the time. and she LOVES to FaceTime.

boxer dog

Rio started out skinny- we rescued her and she was the runt. Over the years we have tried everything to fatten her up- and finally... all that bacon grease and expensive food paid off!

boxer dog

She recently had surgery, so she has missed out on her favorite summertime activity: CAMPING!!

Rio started really packing on the pounds (I know the feeling girl) - but all that changed when little Lord Montague (Monty) arrived on the scene!


King Charles Cavalier Spaniel

Now this little Blenheim King Charles Cavalier Spaniel has become the resident "cuddler"! He loves all of us- and always wants to be near someone. Never alone- Monty is the sweetest and softest little guy EVER! My daughter picked him out and paid for half (daddy wants to teach her financial lessons) and he has become an instant member of the pack.

It is almost impossible to say "no" to this face-- in fact, I am quite certain that the term"puppy-dog eyes" was coined by someone looking directly into a King Charles' eyes!

I have no idea how we ever lived without this little guy- and take my word for it, you shouldn't live without one... Monty is calm, social and sweeter than sweet!

King Charles Cavalier Spaniel

This concludes my tribute to our little "fur babies". If you want to take my advice and get yourself one of these adorable King Charles Cavalier Spaniels

This year, consider including your pet in your family portraits! Usually we bring an extra person to help out with pets in between shots. Call me and we can talk about the best pet-friendly locations!

Kristina Toddy


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