The Veil Blues - How to Fix the veil in Photoshop

I don't know about you- but I am super happy when my bride tells me she is wearing a veil- even if she only opts to wear it during the portrait portion of the day- I get all kinds of happy! UNTIL THIS HAPPENS:

In full shade, the light can be blue. and effects synthetic material giving off a crazy purplish-blue hue!! NO thank you!! Fortunately there is an easy fix for this!

Welcome to my quick easy technique for fixing the white balance on the veil. I use this method for so many applications- changing the white balance of ambient lights, the tone of skin... etc.

Veils can be a little tricky because of their transparency - you don't want to adversely affect parts of the photo behind the veil. Let's open this sucker up in Photoshop and get rid of the BLUES!! :)

STEP 1 --- Make a new layer by clicking the "new layer " button at the bottom of the layers panel.

STEP 2 --- Then change the blending mode to "color".

STEP 3 --- Select the brush tool

Step 4 --- Set the Foreground color by clicking the foreground swatch and sample a color hue that will match the dress (I used the light shadow from the ruching on the front of her gown)

STEP 5 --- Now make sure you click the thumbnail so you are working on the new layer. and start painting the veil with your opacity at 100% and a medium soft brush (don't worry- it won't look perfect we are going to fine tune it later)

If you are like me, you accidentally went out of bounds and colored some of the background... (we will handle the hair/bangs and her left arm that looks half beige in the steps ahead)

STEP 6 --- Create a mask for the veil layer, set your foreground color to black and paint on the mask where you want to remove the beige from the background. When painting on a mask, always remember: "white reveals/black conceals".

Step 7 --- Create a new layer, set blending mode again to color and select brush tool (repeat steps 1, 2, 3, & 4) ***BUT this time click on her bare arm to select your color! Now paint her skin (100% opacity) under the veil and then lower the opacity of the layer until it looks natural.

Step 8 --- Repeat on the strands of her hair (her left bangs) sampling her hair color to brush them back to her natural hair color.

Step 9 -- Adjust the opacity of the layers (I ended up with 80% on the veil layer, 25% on the skin layer, & 89% on the hair layer)

Step 10 -- Flatten and Save your NEW and improved bridal portrait!!

I hope you find this useful! Please stop by the EOL Photography FB page, give us a "like" and say HI!!


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