Professional Head-Shots : Phoenix Commercial Photographer

This was a few years back, but while I was reorganizing my hard drive storage I came across these Head Shots we made for Focal Point Salon in Scottsdale.

I realized I never posted them, and that is a crime because these girls are literally MODEL material... and they are Top Notch Hairstylist too! Be sure and check out their salon- and tell the girls I said "Hi" !

Call me to schedule customized Head Shots for your business website, FaceBook profile and other media marketing pieces. I have had clients that like to frame a portrait of each employee in the reception area or hallway as well. What a great way to honor employees and make them feel appreciated!

Great photographs are a necessary part of attracting the clientele you need to make your business successful! Call today!

Kristina Toddy (602-320-4445)

EOL Photography

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