Your Family is ART - Print those images!

I sound like a broken record right? Everyone is saying it: the "digital age" - we all have THOUSANDS of images stored on hard drives and apps but VERY few if ANY get printed and enjoyed daily! There are SO many new and unique ways to print and enjoy our photos .. yet we still struggle to follow through! I am doing my best to change this reality for my clients.

I don't think I have changed out the photos I have in frames on my shelves in 10 years... this leads me to consider "fear of commitment" might be what is holding some of us back...

I decided to give all my clients some choices, and to help with the fear of commitment - I am also giving them a visual guide so they do not have to imagine the outcome. I absolutely LOVE seeing the photos of my family everyday on my walls. Each time I glance at the image - I am transported right back to that moment, and it takes a bit of the sting out of how GROWN up my kids are now.

This is the most recent presentation, which I prepared for Jeff & Donna:

If you would like Full Service family portraits - and for those portraits to get some wall space.. then call or email EOL Photography (603-320-4445 | and let's set something up now!


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