Wheat Field Tween Portraits

I was looking through some old images and realized how much my little girl has grown. Periodically, my sweet angel decides she actually WANTS her photo taken... I suppose I should expect some resistance to the everyday siege of constant photos that I've taken of her growing up!

These photos lead me to look up some that I hadn't seen in awhile...

I really enjoy taking the time to photography that teenager, I think I might just need to print these canvases BIG on my wall when she goes to college!

All the growing has my heart breaking, but I am also so proud of her, and look forward to her realizing her potential. It has been such a blessing these past few years to homeschool this girl. She is smart and loves to read - so my job is easy. We chose a curriculum that is rich in literature and history, and we keep organized by using "Trello" a free application that syncs to all our devices. If you like organization you will love this tool!

If you want some gorgeous portraits of your tween, call me up so we can get you booked in!

Kristina (602-320-4445 leave a vm) or email: info@eolphotography.net

#tween #portraits #camping #wheatfield #reddress #floppyhat #wildflowers #homeschool #flowercrown

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